What are Dermal Fillers and why should you care?

While most people are aware of anti-wrinkle treatments and their purpose, the same cannot be said for dermal fillers. Despite this, dermal fillers can perform a similar function to anti-wrinkle treatments, while many clients also choose to use these procedures in tandem to create as young and as fresh a look as possible.

There are differences between the two treatments, of course, both in terms of the substances used and the main applications. At Refined and Radiant Aesthetics we understand these subtle nuances, which is why we specialise in providing dermal fillers to clients and can guarantee exceptionally safe procedures. Here is a breakdown of the precise treatment that we offer:

  • Dermal Fillers are made using Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural substance found in the body

  • This is then injected as required by the client, with the filler acting as a cushion that supports the facial structure while restoring the appearance of volume and elasticity to the skin

  • This process gradually fills out lines and smooth wrinkles, rejuvenating your skin and tackles the ravages of the ageing process.

As we age the tissue underneath our skin begins to lose volume, and our dermal filler treatments can help to restore this and the appearance of youth. We find that it is most commonly used to treat facial lines, such as the naso labial folds between the nose and the mouth and the marionette lines that run from the sides of the mouth to the chin. 

Dermal fillers can also be used successfully to enhance lips and cheeks, primarily by adding volume and shape. Our skilled practitioners can also use fillers to achieve other objectives, such as the creation of definition along the vermillion border of the lip or to enhance the cupids bow. This is where the quality of our dermal filler treatments becomes a real differentiator, and one that can help you to achieve the look that you desire. 

Remember, a full and free consultation will always be carried out before any work is undertaken, so that you can ask any questions that you have and make an informed decision. If you want to arrange a consultation and discuss dermal fillers with an expert, contact 07428 586523 and speak to the team today.